Theme Customization

Theme Customization for Seldon Deploy User Interface.

Seldon Deploy allows customization of the user-interface theme. Seldon Deploy follows Material Design for building its user experience And most of the theming and design aspects are based on a popular Material design library called Material UI.

Seldon Deploy supports complete custom configuration the material theme and the Logo image in the UI header.


  1. To get started create a new folder named custom.

  2. Create a config.json file in this folder.

  3. Add two sections to the config.json file namely logo and theme.

  4. The logo section is a sting that represents filename of the new logo Image. Do remember to add the image file , in this case custom_logo.png, to the custom folder as well.

  5. The theme section is a material-ui theme configuration used to customize the entire UI as needed. For further options for configuration and customization, refer material ui theming and default theme

  6. So a basic theme configuration would look like as follows,

    "logo": "/custom_logo.png",
    "theme": {"palette": {"primary": {"main": "#15425a"}}}

Apply custom theme configuration

  1. Now that the custom folder is ready, create a kubernetes secret named seldon-deploy-custom-theme in the seldon-system namespace.

    kubectl create secret -n seldon-system generic seldon-deploy-custom-theme --from-file=./custom
  2. The seldon deploy pods will automatically use this custom configuration and load appropriately.


Remove custom theme configuration

  1. Remove the secret to revert back to default configuration

    kubectl delete secret -n seldon-system seldon-deploy-custom-theme