App Analytics

Seldon Deploy has built-in app analytics, which help to improve the product. These analytics focus on tracking certain events that get triggered from the UI (e.g. user login).

Disable app analytics

You can disable the app analytics through the enableAppAnalytics variable of the Seldon Deploy Helm chart. To disable it just add the following to your Helm variables:

# boolean to enable app-analytics (defaults to "true")
enableAppAnalytics: false

Events tracked

Name Trigger Attributes
user_login Show homepage after logging in User login attributes

User login attributes

Property Example Value Notes
BuildTime Wed Apr 22 15:59:09 UTC 2020
BuildVersion 0.6.0
GitBranch master
GitCommit 5ad34e2b556732213873ee6875f2f99d20a471ee
GitStatus dirty
ReleaseType Early-Access
distinct_id ABABABABABABBABAB Linked to IP address

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