Getting Started

Get started with Seldon Deploy

Installation Types

  • Trial Installations - Scripts that install default configurations that can be used to trial the seldon deploy cluster. These provide a simple way to get up and running to test the functionalities.
  • Production Installation - Modular installation into existing cluster with instructions on how to leverage Seldon Deploy integrations. This is recommended installation for production setups.

Framework integrations

Below are the integrations that Seldon Deploy supports, together with the versions currently supported for each of the framework.

Framework Supported Versions Integration level
Istio 1.1.6 and above Required
Elasticsearch 6.x and above Recommended
ArgoCD 1.4.x and above Recommended
Prometheus 9.7 and above Recommended
Fluentd (or equivalent ELK log collection) 6.x and above Optional
Dex (or equivalent OIDC provider - eg Keycloak) 2.x and above Optional
KFserving 0.3 and above Optional
Knative (Eventing, Serving & Monitoring) 0.11 and above Optional

Note KFServing requires istio 1.3.1. Detector components such as outliers requires Knative Eventing 0.18 (which requires k8s 1.16). Knative Serving 0.18 is recommended but can be 0.11.


Dependency Version Notes
Dockerhub n/a Access needs to be granted explicitly by Seldon in order to access resources such as docker images. A dockerhub account is needed and its credentials will be needed to setup imagePullSecrets.
Kubernetes 1.16 … 1.18 recommended Seldon Deploy is intended for Kubernetes version greater than or equal to 1.16 and less than or equal to 1.17.
Kubernetes 1.12 … 1.19 available See Older Kubernetes Versions and Newer Kubernetes Versions sections below for limitations.
Git Server n/a To use GitOps access an HTTPS access to git server is required. GitOps is optional, but suggested.
kubectl within one minor version difference of your cluster
helm 3.0.0 or greater is required

Cluster Requirements

Cloud Provider Requirements Notes
GKE 2 x e2-standard-8 nodes This is 16vCPUs and 60GB RAM.
AWS 4 x t2.xlarge This is to allow headroom to run models and because the full install includes kubeflow, knative, istio and the elastic and grafana-prometheus stacks.

Older Kubernetes Versions

Knative 0.18+ requires Kubernetes 1.16. This places limitations on running Seldon Deploy on older Kubernetes versions.

Here is what can be done for older Kubernetes versions.

The request logger can be used with older knative versions. The helm values file contains this entry:

    apiVersion: ""

Its value can be changed to “” for older versions of knative eventing.

The request logger can also be run without knative.

Both Seldon Core and KFServing have default URLs that their install instructions point to a knative broker in seldon-logs namespace (executor.requestLogger.defaultEndpoint for seldon core and logger.defaultUrl for KFServing). These can be changed to point to seldon-request-logger.seldon-logs (or your request logger location).

Detector component wizards and the Data Science metrics component wizard do need knative 0.18. For older k8s you can’t run those demos.

Newer Kubernetes Versions

Seldon Deploy can work with kubernetes 1.19. At the time of writing KFServing cannot, which is an optional dependency.


Download Installation Resources

Download Seldon Deploy installation resources

Applying a License

Applying a Seldon Deploy License

Trial Installations

Trial installations for setting up a new clusters

Multi-tenant Installations

Guidance for multi-tenant clusters

Production Installation

Custom installation crafted to your needs

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