KIND Trial Installation

KIND Trial Installation

KIND Installation

Here we use an end-to-end installer to set up Seldon Deploy on KIND. Everything runs on the local machine with reduced resources compared to the cloud.

The components included are most of the functionality:

  • Seldon Core
  • Seldon Deploy
  • Serverless Request Logging
  • Grafana Visualisations

Components not included are:

  • GitOps Bitbucket/Github with ArgoCD

This limitation is because it’s not feasible for a GitHub webhook to call the local machine.

Install the Ecosystem

This step will set up a KIND cluster, install all ecosystem components for Seldon Deploy and Deploy itself.

cd seldon-deploy-install

Checking Configuration

If you setup the configuration file with ENABLE_APP_AUTH then either remove this or set it to false. EXTERNAL_PROTOCOL should be http.

Accessing Seldon Deploy

On KIND we need to port-forward in order to access the application. In a terminal run the below and keep it running:

kubectl port-forward -n istio-system svc/istio-ingressgateway 8080:80

Then open a browser at http://localhost:8080/seldon-deploy/.

Last modified November 27, 2020: new names for variables (aa3e980)