Source Control as the source of truth

Seldon Deploy will scan namespaces and recognise some namespaces, those with a seldon.gitops: enabled label, as gitops namespaces. If the gitops label is not present or disabled then new deployments and modifications in the namespace will be pushed directly to the kubernetes cluster.

When gitops is in place it is recommended to have a gitops tool syncing a namespace to a directory in a git repo. The install has an example setup for argocd.

GitOps responsiveness improves if webhooks are configured. One webhook should be configured to notify the gitops tool (e.g. argocd) so that it can update the cluster on changes as quickly as possible. Another should be configured to inform Seldon Deploy of any changes to the repository.

For more on GitOps features, see Product Tour > Deployments by Namespace > GitOps.

Last modified October 21, 2019: Various updates (6dd5247)